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If you are unable to find an answer on our Help Page, simply contact us and our friendly customer service team will be available to answer your queries, from 8:00am until 6:00pm AEST Monday to Friday.
payment help

At Magshop, our selected method of payment is credit card.

Step 1 Select one of the credit card options
Step 2 Enter your credit card details as required
Step 3 Submit your order
Step 4 Your credit card will have the total or your purchase deducted on your next statement
refund help

For subscriptions purchased through Magshop, refunds will be given on the unused portion of your subscription.

No refunds are available for merchandise, however faulty goods can be exchanged.

currency help

Magshop allows for credit card payments to be made in Australian or New Zealand dollars. All prices are displayed in Australian dollars on and in New Zealand dollars on

international orders help

Magshop is able to process international orders and deliver worldwide on the majority of titles.

gift idea help

You can personalise your gift search to help you select the ideal gift.

Step 1 Select the age bracket of your loved one
Step 2 Click on their interests - you can highlight as many of these as you like
Step 3 Click on the 'Submit' button – we'll provide you with a selection of great gift ideas!

gift card help
Step 1 Select the magazine/s you would like to give as a gift
Step 2 Login in to your existing Magshop account or create an account
Step 3 Tick box for 'Is this a gift?'
Step 4 Complete delivery details for your gift
Step 5 Select a payment method
Step 6 After payment has been processed, personalise your gift card