5 Best Magazines for Creatives to Enjoy in 2023

When you work in a creative industry, it makes sense that you surround yourself with inspiration and creativeness as much as you can, and that includes the type of magazines that you read.

Print magazines have the edge over digital magazines in this space. As a creative, you want to touch the pages. Smell the ink. Feel the weight of the paper. It’s all part of the artistic process.

There’s something so special about taking some time out and sitting down to read a beautifully produced magazine. Plus, they also look great on your coffee table. Another creative win.

The best creative magazines give you a wider perspective on the world and a dose of global culture without you even having to leave your home.

In order to help you on your creative way, we’ve compiled a curated selection of five of the world’s best creative magazines that are available for you to subscribe to right now.

You should consider subscribing to these creative magazines and enjoy them throughout 2023. Many are independently produced, and all have been created by creatives who have poured their hearts and souls into them.

If you are looking for creative insights, inspiration and ideas, these are the magazines you’ll want to immerse yourself in.

So read on for our round up of the five best magazines for creatives to enjoy in 2023. Plus, a few extra suggestions that are well worth checking out if you are still wanting more.



Apartamento magazine is an internationally renowned bi-annual interior design magazine that covers real, lived-in homes and the creative people who occupy them. Living by the creed that a home is not designed with perfection in mind, but by the participation of its occupants, each issue hosts interviews and pieces that dig into the culture and personalised touches that its features bring to their projects offering a unique slant in every issue. Those featured inside it are often creative types living in minimalistic homes rather than grand houses offering an insight into how true homes aren’t just ‘designed’ but are the product of its occupants character. Based in Barcelona, Spain, its novel size, centred layout, patterned spine and chunky typography are delightfully raw and unfussy.


The Gentlewoman

The Gentlewoman is a great magazine featuring interviews with strong, modern women, often known for impressive feats of movie-directing, novel-writing or enterprise-building. It takes a look at the world of female fashion with a witty and intelligent approach. A magazine for women of style and purpose The Gentlewoman magazine is published in London.


Delving into home, work, style and culture, Kinfolk promotes quality of life and connects a community of creative professionals from London to Tokyo. Kinfolk is the leading independent lifestyle magazine for young creative professionals. Published quarterly, Kinfolk maintains a vibrant contributor base from Copenhagen to Cape Town, and hosts global events that bring the community together. 



Artichoke is interesting and controversial, communicating good design and design issues. Artichoke covers interior architecture and design, textile design, product design, exhibition design and graphic design and provides designers with news and information on current trends and projects. Artichoke is the official magazine of the Design Institute of Australia (DIA). Artichoke is published four times a year.



A pleasingly chunky bi-annual publication, 032c is a self-styled manual for Freedom, Research and Creativity from Berlin but with English texts. Inside you’ll find the latest and trendiest in terms of culture, with interviews and features on designers, artists, architects and more. This is also a fantastically well-produced publication, being perfect bound, printed on lovely paper, full of stunning photography and illustration and very well designed. Features cover a hugely diverse set of topics, so diverse that describing them is difficult as the next issue could contain anything! Suffice to say it will keep you up to date with the latest trends and fashions and provides us with an intelligent and well-written publication on the way.

Love these suggestions, but still want more creative magazines? Here are some extra creative magazines you’ll also enjoy…


Milk Decoration

Milk Decoration is a quarterly French magazine. It is a primarily French-language magazine with limited English text translations at the back of the magazine on art, culture and interior design.

Art Collector

Every quarter, Art Collector magazine features profiles on leading Australian and New Zealand artists, gallerists and collectors. You’ll also find art news, analysis of important issues affecting collectors and previews of forthcoming exhibitions across Australia and New Zealand.


Attitude Interior Design

ATTITUDE Interior Design is a bimonthly international magazine focused on Interiors, Architecture, Design, Art and Lifestyle from Porto, Portugal. With contents of inspiring and beautiful stories in order to truly involve readers with the projects, the places and the individuals that aim to be as ‘personal’ as possible, based most of the time on a ‘lived experience’ so that the final result becomes much more intimate and familiar.


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