Explore the Best Magazine Subscriptions to Surprise Your Mum on Mother's Day

When it comes to buying a gift for your mum for Mother’s Day, you’ll want to give her something that shows her just how much you care. Whether you are buying for your own mum, your grandmother, or your partner or friend to celebrate and thank them for all that they do as a mum, at Magshop you’ll find the best Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Brighten up her day, every week or month with a Magshop magazine subscription – it really is the gift that keeps on giving. With many titles available as print magazines or digital magazines, each time a magazine lands on her doorstep or her device, she’ll be reminded of your love for her.

Here are the top magazine subscription ideas that will make the perfect gift for mum this Mother’s Day.


Cooking Magazines

For a mum who loves cooking, baking and recipe creating, a cooking magazine makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

At Magshop you can choose from 24 of the best food and cooking magazines in Australia – with many available as print magazines or digital magazines – so she’ll always be one step ahead in the kitchen. And with so much choice, there really is something to suit all tastes and all flavours!

Popular cooking magazines include Cooking With The Australian Women’s Weekly, Delicious Magazine, Diabetic Living, Eat Live Escape, EatWell, Gourmet Traveller, Healthy Food Guide, Lunch Lady, Nourish and Sprout.

If she’s a whizz in the kitchen, Cooking With The Australian Women’s Weekly is a great choice. Each monthly issue includes seasonal dishes, sumptuous desserts, one-dish dinners and tried and tested recipes from Australia’s most trusted test kitchen.

Or perhaps she’d prefer a little travel with her food content. In that case, she will love Gourmet Traveller magazine, which is Australia’s premiere food, travel and lifestyle magazine. From where to eat, what to cook and where to go, Gourmet Traveller is full of inspiration for anyone who loves great food and adventure. It’s a sumptuous feast of a magazine each month.

Whichever food or cooking magazine you choose as a Mother’s Day gift, Mum can flick (or scroll!) through their pages and discover delicious new recipes, healthy meals, home cooking ideas for the family, or even impressive spreads for her next dinner party.

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Lifestyle Magazines

A women’s lifestyle magazine subscription makes the perfect gift for Mum. Choose from an array of the best women’s lifestyle magazines that are packed with ideas, inspiration and expert advice for all women.

Take a look through Magshop’s extensive range lifestyle magazines for women, such as marie claire Australia, Vogue Australia, The Australian Women’s Weekly, plus many more.

If she’s into fashion, beauty, style and culture, plus access to exclusive Vogue events, she’ll love a subscription to Vogue Australia.

Or perhaps try marie claire, which mixes high-end glamour with rigorous journalism, it’s is for sophisticated women who are as passionate about world affairs as they are about fashion and beauty.

Whereas The Australian Women’s Weekly, known fondly as The Weekly, is a much-loved and trusted women’s lifestyle magazine. Readers enjoy the perfect mix of absorbing lifestyle content – from captivating real-life stories, to fashion, beauty and health articles – every month. 

Whichever women’s lifestyle magazine you choose as a Mother’s Day gift, every time a new issue arrives Mum will be delighted with her gift.

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Entertainment Magazines

If your mum loves movies, TV, celebrities and all things entertainment, she’ll love to receive an entertainment magazine subscription as a Mother’s Day gift.

Magazines such as New Idea, TV Week, Who and Woman’s Day are all packed with the latest celebrity interviews, reviews of new releases and insights into the entertainment industry. And an entertainment magazine subscription will make the best gift for a mum who loves movies, television, or music.

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Home and Garden Magazines

Whether your mum is into home improvements, a novice gardener or a green thumb looking to expand her skills, at Magshop you can choose from our curated collection of the best home and garden magazines available and buy a subscription as a gift this Mother’s Day.

Pick from an array of inspiring home and gardening magazines covering subjects from DIY to decorating and organic gardening to landscape designing. All are packed with ideas, inspiration and expert advice for home lovers and gardeners of every level.

Choose from well-known Australian home and gardening magazines such as Better Homes and Gardens, Inside Out, ABC Gardening Australia, Country Style, Belle and Vogue Living.

Whether your mum is working on her forever home, and no matter if she is working with a large backyard or a small patio garden, there are home and garden magazines for everyone.

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News and Current Affairs Magazines

If your mum likes to stay up to date on news and current affairs, Magshop has the best magazine subscriptions for her.

From in-depth analysis and reporting on national and international news to local events and business and money updates, news and current affairs magazines such as Forbes, Fortune, Money, Reader’s Digest, Spectator and TIME are great for a mum who likes to stay informed.

Hard-hitting, thought provoking, entertaining and stimulating features will keep her thinking for days.

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A magazine subscription is the ideal Mother’s Day gift idea for your mum. As well as being a unique and special present, a magazine subscription is affordable and convenient for you to buy in the first place, and that convenience extends even further as they are delivered direct to the person who is receiving them as a gift.


When choosing a magazine subscription as a gift, remember, think about the gift recipients’ interests and then choose from the many magazines in those categories. If you are looking for a thoughtful and unique Mother’s Day gift for Mum, you can’t go wrong with a magazine subscription from Magshop.

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