Magazine Subscriptions: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

A magazine subscription is the perfect gift – whether you are looking for a gift for a special occasion or as a way to say thank you to someone you care about – and there are so many magazine subscriptions to choose from.

You’ll want to think about the recipients’ hobbies and interests when you are buying a magazine subscription as a special gift for someone else – that way the person who receives the magazine subscription gift will love receiving and reading the magazines as much as you enjoy gifting them.

Whether you are looking for gift ideas for a foodie, a gardener, a home interiors lover, a women’s lifestyle enthusiast, a teen magazine reader or a celebrity and entertainment fan, we have the perfect magazine subscriptions available at

At Magshop you can choose from over 300 print magazines and digital magazines that will make the most special gifts. You will always find unique and thoughtful gift ideas for your loved ones at Magshop. Plus, a magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving! It provides long-term enjoyment as the person receiving the gift takes time out to read each issue, and they get excited each week or month when a new issue lands on their doorstep or their device.


Longevity of Magazine Subscriptions

A magazine subscription is the gift that keeps on giving, time after time, as it offers long-term entertainment and education, with new issues delivered regularly over the course of the subscription period.

With six month, 12 month, 18 month and 24-month subscriptions to most magazines available, when you gift a magazine subscription it will keep bringing joy over and over as each new issue is received.

Every week or month your giftee will look forward to receiving the new issue of their favourite magazine with a sense of excitement and anticipation.

Plus, magazines in Australia are so informative, your loved one may choose to keep and collect them so they can keep on referring back to their magazine gift, bringing them happiness for months or even years to come.


Convenience of Magazine Subscriptions

Buying a magazine subscription as a gift is so convenient – for you and also for the person who is receiving the gift.

It’s so easy to buy a magazine subscription as a special gift at You simply choose the magazine you’d like to subscribe to, pick out the offer, and decide whether you would like to subscribe to a digital magazine or a print magazine, then add to cart! Your magazine gift is then delivered direct to the door or the device of the person you are giving the present to. So simple.

Buying a magazine subscription gift is easy and convenient, it saves you time and effort at the shops, and it means you can choose from over 300 magazines that are available to buy online at Magshop.


Wide Range of Magazine Topics

When you are wondering which magazine subscription to choose as special gifts for your loved one, it’s a good idea to think about their hobbies and interests, and choose a magazine in one of those topics.

There are so many topics to choose from when picking out a magazine subscription – you should be able to find something for almost every interest and hobby. Popular options include magazines about: women’s lifestyle, fashion and beauty, teen magazines, motoring, craft and hobbies, home and garden, travel and adventure, health and fitness, and so many more. In fact, there are over 300 magazines to choose from when you buy a magazine subscription at Magshop.


Cost-Effective Gift Option

Let’s be real, we are all looking to make sure our dollar goes as far as possible, and that includes buying gifts. If you want to make sure you are getting the best value for money on magazine subscriptions, you’ll always get the best deals available at Magshop.

Buying a magazine subscription is the most cost effective way to buy your favourite magazine – either for yourself or as gift ideas – with some magazine subscriptions giving over 50 percent off the usual newsstand price of an issue.

Plus, when you buy magazines in Australia from Magshop delivery is all taken care of, so you’ll never miss an issue. Subscribe today at Magshop and whichever magazine subscription you choose, they all come with free delivery as soon as they go on sale, and digital magazines can be downloaded directly to your device.

Buying a magazine subscription is also much cheaper than other long-term gift ideas such as a streaming subscription or meal delivery kits.

Some magazine subscriptions are available for one or two issues, and others for up to 24 months – so there is something available to suit a wide range of budgets. often offers special deals and discounts for gift subscriptions, and you’ll always find the best deals on print subscriptions, digital subscriptions, bundles and international subscriptions at Magshop.



From the range of prices for all budgets to the topics magazines cover to longevity, convenience, variety, and cost-effectiveness, buying a magazine subscription as a gift has so many varied benefits.

Take a look through the selection of best selling magazines, niche title magazines, print magazines and digital magazines available at Magshop and consider giving a magazine subscription as a gift for your loved ones – you won’t regret it!