All I Want for Christmas is a New Magazine Subscription!

The holiday season is upon us, and amidst planning (and enjoying) the joyous festivities with friends and family, it’s time to think about the best Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful present, consider the timeless gift of knowledge, entertainment, and inspiration – a magazine subscription! Magazines offer a diverse range of topics to cater to everyone’s interests, making them an ideal Christmas gift, whoever you are buying for.

And with so many magazine genres, from lifestyle and entertainment to technology and travel, you are sure to find the perfect magazine subscriptions to add to your holiday wish list, too.

There’s nothing better than knowing that your gift is appreciated, with this in mind, we’ve rounded up the magazine subscriptions that make the best Christmas gifts. Keep reading for all the details.


1. Lifestyle Magazines

Embrace the good life! For those who enjoy the finer things in life, lifestyle magazines are a perfect choice. Magazines like marie claire Australia, Australian Women’s Weekly, Vogue Australia, Country Style or Gourmet Traveller provide a glimpse into the world of fashion, luxury and travel.

With stunning visuals and captivating articles, lifestyle magazines are a gateway to a world of sophistication and style. Buy Christmas magazine subscriptions for one of these publications to ensure a year of inspiration and elegance with each new issue. Sure to delight your loved one!


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2. Entertainment Magazines


Lights, camera, action… Entertainment magazines are a delightful escape into the world of showbiz, movies and pop culture. New Idea, Who, TV Week and Woman’s Day are excellent choices for those who crave the latest celebrity gossip, movie reviews, and music updates.

Christmas magazine subscriptions of entertainment magazines is a gift that keeps on giving, offering a front-row seat to the glitz and glamour of the entertainment industry with each new issue.


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3. Technology Magazines

For the tech enthusiasts on your Christmas list, a subscription to a technology magazine is a thoughtful and practical gift and sure to get them thinking. Magazines like APC or New Scientist delve into the latest innovations, cutting-edge gadgets, and the future of technology.

Stay ahead of the curve with insightful articles and reviews that explore the ever-evolving world of science and technology with a tech magazine subscription.


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4. Travel Magazines


Explore the world from home and be inspired for your next adventure with travel magazines. A passport to different cultures and destinations, publications such as Gourmet Traveller, Australian Traveller and Cruise & Travel allow readers to embark on virtual journeys through stunning visuals and compelling narratives. Flicking through the pages takes you on a wonderful journey to places overseas and at home.

Christmas magazine subscriptions to travel magazines are the perfect gift for the wanderlust-infected, offering a taste of adventure from the comfort of the sofa.


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5. Home and Garden Magazines


Transforming spaces is a national pastime. For those who find joy in creating inviting and stylish living spaces, home and garden magazines are a wonderful addition to the list. Magazines like Inside Out, Belle, Home Beautiful, House & Garden, Country Style or Better Homes and Gardens are packed with the latest trends in home decor, architecture, and gardening.

A subscription to a home and garden magazine is a gift that inspires creativity and helps transform living spaces into personalised havens. So full of ideas and inspiration for your home and garden there’s a magazine to suit all tastes.


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6. Something for Everyone

To cater to a wide range of interests, consider magazines that cover a variety of topics in a single publication. Magazines like Better Homes and Gardens, New Philosopher or Reader’s Digest Australia provide a mix of articles, including health, science, history, and more. These publications are versatile gifts, and Christmas magazine subscriptions ensure there’s always something interesting to read for everyone in the family.


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Last Minute Gift Ideas


Magazine subscriptions deals are the perfect last-minute Christmas gifts, combining thoughtfulness and convenience. With a few clicks, you can give your loved one a year of knowledge, entertainment, or inspiration tailored to their interests that they are sure to love!

It’s a timeless present that keeps on giving and needs no wrapping! Plus, some publications can be ordered as print magazines or digital magazines.

Order your Christmas magazines online at Magshop and whether you’re buying for a fashionista, a tech enthusiast, or a travel lover, there’s a magazine for everyone.

It’s the ideal solution for a meaningful and hassle-free last-minute Christmas gift. So, this holiday season, make your wish list sparkle with the magic of magazines.


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