As a new parent it’s easy to feel a little lost and nervous when it comes to your baby and hoping you are doing the right things for their development. The Look Learn Grow books aim to give parents peace of mind by helping guide them through the early months of their baby’s eye development. There are two books in the series: 0+ months and 3+ months. For the first 3 months of a baby’s life, they see shadows, shades of grey and primarily black and white geometrical shapes. From 3+ months, they start to see bright vibrant colours: red and green first, followed by blue, purple, brown and then yellow, pink and orange. By 6 months baby will be able to see all the colours of the rainbow. The Look Learn Grow books are not only a wonderful tool for a baby’s eye development during their early months, but this time spent together will also form a wonderful connection between parents and their baby.

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