Ashy Bines Magazine Issue 1

Ashy Bines is an incredibly successful and influential entrepreneur, personal trainer, speaker, wife, mother and design powerhouse. Raised on the Gold Coast, Ashy is well respected in the fitness, health and wellness space globally. Co-founder and Creative Director of the Ashy Bines Group her innovative and pioneering Squad App is revolutionising on-demand health, fitness and wellbeing for women across the world. 
With a highly engaged audience of over 5 million combined across her social platforms, Ashy Bines is known for her ability to inspire and empower women to live their best lives. This magazine is packed full of recipes, workout inspiration, fashion, self-care and mindfulness advice as well as a fly-on-the-wall view of Ashy behind the screen. Ashy Bines mag will give women the resources and knowledge to inspire them to become the very best version of themselves.

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