SINCE 1981, Street Machine has been Australia’s home of horsepower, the biggest-selling magazine devoted to modified cars in the land,
bar none. 2021 is the title’s 40th anniversary and we’re celebrating with the release of Street Machine Legends Volume Two. This time, we’re
celebrating the most-iconic cars featured in the mag over the last twenty years. This period has seen rapid change in the sport, with new
technologies helping to create bespoke vehicles that are not only faster, but also more unique than ever. Thanks to 3D scanning and
printing, a talented customiser can create almost anything that they can imagine! Street Machine Legends Volume Two will showcase over 60 incredible works of rolling art and delve into the stories behind them. We’ll speak to the creators about the build process and what has
become of their creations in the years that followed. It is our pleasure to bring you these stories and to showcase the work of our talented photographers in a premium coffee table book. Enjoy

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