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Code Crackers is bursting with over 150 of the best code puzzles for you to crack! Standard puzzles are based on a 15x15 grid, and feature three starter letters; but, there are an abundance of variations on the basic puzzle theme to spice up the code-cracking experience. Scattered throughout the magazine are Cryptograms – amusing quotations that have been put into cipher – and Short Codes – small, but deceptively fiendish, code-cracking grids that really test your grey matter. Other puzzle types that vary issue to issue include: Skeleton, Spiral, Backwards, 22 To Do, a giant arroword/code-cracker hybrid, jigsaws, plus lots of themed puzzles to keep you cracking. Look out for etymological snippets, explaining the heritage of words hidden in the puzzles. With our multiple amazing prize competitions in each issue, you're in for a cracking good time with Code Crackers!

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