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In this special EatWell release, we reveal what makes a superfood so super and share 15 of our favourite foods. You'll find 200+ recipes using highly nutritious ingredients such as broccoli, cacao, chia seeds, fish, kale, legumes, nuts, mushrooms, spinach and more. We take the focus away from superfoods that are hard to source and grow and even harder to pronounce and instead share superfoods that can be easily found in your kitchen. These foods offer nutrition in either extraordinarily high amounts or in ways that your body finds exceptionally easy to use. If you're looking to add some mushroom magic to your meals, increase your vegie intake, blast off with berries or just made a healthy chocolate dessert, pick up a copy of EatWell Superfoods. You'll find all this and more, served up in bite-sized morsels, for you to enjoy! Eat, enjoy and flourish.

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