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Welcome to Mindful Gardening! These days more of us are turning to our gardens to find solace in a difficult world. As we instinctively know, nurturing plants also nurtures us. We look at the science behind this and the case for gardening for your mental health and wellbeing. This bookazine digs into how to cultivate more mindfulness through gardening ad use it to create greater peace, focus, productivity and joy in our daily lives. Our slow, beautiful pages and practical exercises will help you integrate a regular, beneficial practice into your daily life. Supporting your leafy creations, we guide you through gardening best practice how to create the conditions plants love, raise seeds, plant out trees, and the essentials of ongoing maintenance aligned with the seasons to help your gardens thrive. There are also many mindful gardening projects to inspire you how to create edible, wildlife, herb and tea gardens, build sensory zones, use design principles that facilitate mindfulness or healing and more.

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