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The Biscuit Magazine Subscription

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The Biscuit Magazine Subscription

4 issues

The Biscuit is RSPCAÆs quarterly print magazine for animal lovers. Beautifully designed and photographed, itÆs full of animal news, rescue stories, pet advice, and information about our native wildlife. A great read for the whole family! 100% of the profits go towards helping animals in need.

Vet Practice 11 issues
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Vet Practice 11 issues

11 issues

What is Vet Practice? You’ve spent years learning all you can about veterinary science. But being a practising vet in the real world throws up problems that you’re not always prepared for.Vet Practice is “a magazine specifically for the veterinary community, Vet Practice will look at your profession, your world, your business and your life. We recognise veterinary science is a special profession ...