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You know what truly matters, but sometimes stuff just gets in the way. Although you don't need to go full-on minimalist and winnow down your possessions to a shirt, a bowl, and a spoon, you do sense that life would be richer if your world were a bit less cluttered. Without so many distractions, you could finally focus your energy, do tasks better, take care of yourself more fully, and give more attention to the people you love. If this vision of a less-cluttered life resonates with you, you've come to the right place. We've filled this special edition of Real Simple with the best advice, strategies, and tips to help you streamline every space in your home, as well as your car, purse, and schedule. And after you've cleansed, we give you the tools and tricks to keep your decluttered life going. If you're ready to let go, turn the page and begin to say goodbye to clutter.

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