New Idea Food - September 2021

Welcome to this jam-packed issue of inspiring recipes, super ideas and handy tips for your time in the kitchen. You’ll never be caught short when it comes to satisfying, full-flavoured mince meals – our main feature is filled with trusty new favourites the whole family will enjoy. 

Also included are fast, 20-minute weeknight meals, a few tempting cheesy toasties and, for the kids, some treats and snacks for the next party celebration. And be amazed with what the pie maker can do – clever, bite-sized sweet and savoury creations.

For something sweet, take a look at our much-loved, home-baked goodies – just like our Nans would have made! Our deliciously tempting and amazing desserts make the most of vibrant, sweet strawberries when those cravings hit. 

With so much more on offer, I hope you take pleasure in cooking your way through this issue. 

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