Survivor Car: Special Edition Vol. 3 - One Owner Survivors edition

Survivor Car Australia is proud to present Special Edition Volume Three - featuring the Best Original One Owner Survivor cars.

Kicking off this Special Edition is an amazing VJ E55 Charger which a farmer bought new opting for the E55 with its 340cid V8 because he liked strong engines. Also from the MOPAR garage is a beautiful one owner CM Valiant with just 61,000kms, the best in the west. Sometimes referred to it as the forgotten Monaro, we feature a HX GTS Monaro that was a daily driver for most of its life before being tucked away for weekend trips.

The owner of our next feature car was bought up on Chevs and so his first car had to be a Chev, but not just any Chev. He chose a 1965 Impala SS Coupe which still looks magnificent today – 48 years on he still owns it!

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