Survivor Car Chrysler: Best of Breed

Celebrating the Chrysler brand by showcasing our favourite Chrysler and Valiant Survivors!

Bringing you the Best of Breed from the manufacturer Chrysler, we’ve got a huge range of incredible Survivors, each with their own unique Thread of Survival.

How about a VH Charger R/T E49, the big tank Bathurst brawler with the 6-Pack Hemi powerplant. We’ve got a “K16” Police Charger too, and a stunning VG Pacer Hartop. Then there is the Centura Sports Pack, an AP5 Survivor, VH Pacer, plus more. And have you heard the story of the “Black Ghost” Dodge Challenger? You’re definitely going to love the story of that 426ci Hemi powered beast! And we’ve even included the “Last Barstard”, thie final car down the production line at Tonsley Park.

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