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Logic Problems Magazine Back Issues

If you love testing your brain, then Logic Problems is the puzzle magazine for you! Apply your logic to all the fun scenarios scattered throughout each issue: with over 50 puzzles spread across 64 pages, you'll have hours of entertainment.

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Each issue gives you a variety of challenges in which simple clues are entered in a special grid, in the form of ticks and crosses, and your deductions will lead to a unique solution. 


For new readers, there are guides to solving both the basic puzzle and the other puzzles featured. A comprehensive text solution is provided for every puzzle, giving you a complete sequence of the logical steps required – definitely a plus if you happen to get a little stuck!


Along with the logic problem puzzles, the magazine also includes other popular logical puzzles including Pixel Puzzles (the puzzle of pixelated picture-forming), Enigma (the formation of logical trails), Battleships (the classic find-the-fleet puzzle), Logi-5 (a very early and simple version of an Irregular Sudoku puzzle), Domino Search, Sudoku and Killer Sudoku.


Logic Problems is published six times a year.

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