Magazine Subscriptions: The Best Father’s Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

If it slipped your mind to mark it on your calendar, Father’s Day in Australia is September 3rd. It’s the perfect opportunity to honour and celebrate dads from all walks of life, the countless sacrifices they've made and the wisdom they've imparted. With the holiday just around the corner, what better way to show appreciation than with a thoughtful Father’s Day gift

 It's not often that we find the chance to express gratitude for the unwavering hard work, love and support dads give throughout our lives. This year, let's make it count! While traditional gifts are always wonderful, consider stepping outside the norm and opting for a truly unique present: a magazine subscription

 Imagine the delight on your dad’s face when he receives a monthly dose of print or digital magazines covering his favourite topics or hobbies. A magazine subscription not only offers a continuous source of enjoyment but also serves as a reminder of the thought you put into finding a Father’s Day gift that resonates with his interests. 

If you’re keen to learn why magazine subscriptions can be an unexpected yet cherished present for dads everywhere, this article is for you! We’ll talk about the benefits of selecting magazines as great gifts for dads and share our top recommendations.

Why magazines are a great Father’s Day gift idea


  • Ongoing joy and learning — The best part of getting a magazine subscription is that it doesn’t end after one issue — it’s a gift that keeps on giving! Long after Father’s Day is done, your dad will continue receiving print magazines right at his doorstep or digital copies in his inbox. 

Magazine subscriptions offer a continuous flow of content that your dad can look forward to reading. Whether it’s staying up-to-date with the latest trends in business, getting access to insights from international publications or learning new gardening techniques, magazines provide a well-rounded and curated source of information that is both engaging and educational.

  • Personalised content Is your dad the type to celebrate the latest gadgets on his radar? Or does he prefer to spend time in the kitchen and take the family through a culinary adventure? Perhaps he dreams of travelling to far-flung destinations on a boat. Whatever he is passionate about, there is a magazine that caters to his interests. 

When you get a magazine subscription online, you can select from a wide array of print and digital magazines — there is no need to settle for what’s available. Ensure your gift is tailored to his interests with a publication that will delight him, from travel and fishing and boating to food and wine and health and fitness.


  • Relaxation and escape — Finding time to unwind is crucial, especially for dads with busy routines. Not to worry, as a magazine subscription provides the perfect excuse for your dad to take a break, relax and indulge in some quality reading time. It’s a chance for him to step away from screens, kick back and flip through the pages of a well-curated magazine


Imagine your dad reclining in his favourite lounge chair with a cold drink in hand as he flips the pages of an entertainment magazine. Maybe he’s a few clues away from completing an entry in his favourite puzzle magazine, or knee-deep into the latest in sports and leisure. The possibilities are endless! Give your dad the gift of relaxation with reading material that he can’t wait to read from cover to cover.

  • Thoughtful reminder of your love — If you've exhausted the typical go-to gifts like ties, favourite drinks or novelty mugs proudly proclaiming "World's Best Dad", it's a clear sign of your enduring effort to express your appreciation. Yet, as Father's Day approaches once again, you might find yourself yearning to give him a more profound and lasting sentiment. 

Enter the unexpected charm of magazine subscriptions. While they might not be the conventional Father’s Day gift idea, these subscriptions hold the power to resonate with your dad on a level that showcases your intimate understanding of his uniqueness. By gifting a personalised magazine subscription, you're showing that you not only value his interests and passions, but also cherish the moments he dedicates to them. It's a thoughtful reminder that goes beyond material tokens, showcasing your love and the depth of your connection.


Magazine subscriptions — the perfect Father’s Day surprise

This Father’s Day, break away from the ordinary and opt for a gift for your dad that brings him joy, knowledge and relaxation with a magazine subscription. Tailored to your pop’s interests, conveniently delivered to his doorstep or inbox and offering a wealth of information, magazines are a fantastic Father’s Day gift idea

To make the gift even more special, consider adding a personal touch. Write a heartfelt note explaining why you chose that particular title and issue and how much you value your dad’s passions. With this gesture, you can add a warm and sentimental touch to an already thoughtful gift for dad

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